Geometry-dependent electronic properties of highly fluorescent conjugated molecules


We present a combined experimental/theoretical study of the electronic properties of conjugated para-phenylene type molecules under high pressure up to 80 kbar. Pressure is used as a tool to vary the molecular geometry and intermolecular interaction. The influence of the latter two on singlet and triplet excitons as well as polarons is monitored via optical spectroscopy. We have performed bond structure calculations for the planar poly(para-phenylene) and calculated the dielectric function. By varying the intermolecular distances and the length of the polymer repeat unit the observed pressure effects can be explained.

poly(p-phenylene vinylene), photoinduced absorption, optical-properties, lowest singlet, excited-states, chain-length, polymers, oligomers, poly(para-phenylene), oligothiophenes, Physics
Yang, SC ; Graupner, W ; Guha, S ; et al., Sep 11, 2000. “Geometry-dependent electronic properties of highly fluorescent conjugated molecules,” PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS 85(11): 2388-2391. DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.85.2388