Development of a Framework for Teaching L2 English as a Situated Practice in Malawi

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Virginia Tech

In response to the demands of 21st century teacher preparation practices, this developmental study was instigated by the need to employ appropriate strategies in the teaching of English as second language (L2) in Malawi. Using situated cognition theoretical construct as a basis, a framework for teaching L2 English as a situated practice was created. The development process was guided by views and practices of English methodology faculty members in Malawi's five secondary school teacher training institutions. The study was conducted in three phases, (i) analysis, where eight English methodology faculty members from Malawi's five institutions of higher learning were interviewed on the strategies they use to train pre-service secondary school teachers of English, (ii) development, where the framework was created based on results from the analysis phase, and (iii) evaluation and revision where the framework was reviewed and validated by a situated cognition expert and three of the faculty members interviewed in Malawi before it was revised.

Situated Cognition, Authentic Learning, English as an L2, Developmental Research, Framework