Market participation and marketing performance: A case study of Bolivian potato farmers

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This presentation describes a case study done in the Bolivian Andes that addresses questions pertaining to market participation and marketing performance. By using surveys and other data collection methods, researchers evaluated the effects of prices, marketing strategies, location, and many other factors on the amount of potatoes sold and on overall market participation. This study concluded that a farmer's income can be increased by improving access to market information, improving road quality to reduce transportation costs, and creating microfinance programs in Bolivia.

Household enterprise, Income generation, Local markets, Economic analyses, Trade barriers, GIS, Vulnerability and risk, Survey research methods, Human capital, Financial resources, Market access, Marketing strategies, Transaction costs, Price uncertainty, Market participation, Bolivia, Cochabamba, Potatoes, Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale
Poster presented at the AAEA, CAES, & WAEA Joint Annual Meeting, Denver, CO, 25-27 July 2010