The development and empirical test of a scale to measure organizational values for corporate excellence

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Virginia Tech

The purpose of this study was two-fold. First a confirmatory factor analysis was performed to test the validity of a theoretical model of corporate values. The model hypothesized was supported by relevant research cited in the literature on corporate cultures, organizational change and values development. Second, based on the outcome of the factor analysis a measurement scale was devised and refined in an effort to bring to the HRD community a valid and reliable instrument for measuring corporate values. The following methodological steps were taken for empirical test and instrument development: a) an item pool was systematically selected; b) a panel of experts was selected; c) a field test was performed on a small sample; d) the instrument was modified and administered to a broader more representative population of employees; e) a multiple-group confirmatory factor analysis was performed; f) logical and content analyses were performed; g) the instrument was critiqued by a capstone panel of HRD professionals as to readiness for introduction into the field.