Review of regulation techniques of asphalt pavement high temperature for climate change adaptation

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Asphalt pavement is vulnerable to the temperature rising and extremely high-temperature weather caused by climate change. The regulation techniques of asphalt pavement high temperature have become a growing concern to adapt to climate change. This paper reviewed the state of the art on regulating asphalt pavement high temperature. Firstly, the influencing factors and potential regulation paths of asphalt pavement temperature were summarized. The regulation techniques were categorized into two categories. One is to regulate the heat transfer process, including enhancing reflection, increasing thermal resistance, and evaporation cooling. The other is to regulate through heat collection and transfer or conversion, including embedded heat exchange system, phase change asphalt pavement, and thermoelectric system. Then, the regulation techniques in the literature were reviewed one by one in terms of cooling effects and pavement performance. The issues that still need to be improved were also discussed. Finally, the regulation techniques were compared from the perspectives of theoretical cooling effects, construction convenience, and required maintenance. It can provide reference for understanding the development status of asphalt pavement high temperature regulation techniques and technique selection in practice.

Journal of Infrastructure Preservation and Resilience. 2022 Jul 03;3(1):9