2021 Global Agricultural Productivity Report: Climate for Agricultural Growth


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Virginia Tech College of Agriculture and Life Sciences


During the next 30 years, the world’s population will grow larger and more prosperous. Demand will soar for food and agricultural goods, including meat, dairy, fruits, vegetables, timber, oilseeds for cooking and industrial uses, and biomass for energy, heat, and cooking. At the same time, the natural resource base and ecosystems are under stress from climate change, soil degradation, and poor water management. Poverty, food insecurity, and malnutrition remain stubbornly high, condemning hundreds of millions of people to ill health and unfulfilled potential. Accelerating productivity growth at all scales of production is imperative to meet the needs of consumers and address current and future threats to human and environmental well-being. The human, economic, and environmental consequences of not meeting productivity targets are profound.



Agriculture, Agricultural Productivity, Smallholder farmers, Climate Change, Food Systems, Innovation, Agricultural Research, Total Factor Productivity