Linearly Implicit General Linear Methods

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Linearly implicit Runge–Kutta methods provide a fitting balance of implicit treat- ment of stiff systems and computational cost. In this paper we extend the class of linearly implicit Runge–Kutta methods to include multi-stage and multi-step methods. We provide the order con- dition theory to achieve high stage order and overall accuracy while admitting arbitrary Jacobians. Several classes of linearly implicit general linear methods (GLMs) are discussed based on existing families such as type 2 and type 4 GLMs, two-step Runge–Kutta methods, parallel IMEX GLMs, and BDF methods. We investigate the stability implications for stiff problems and provide numerical studies for the behavior of our methods compared to linearly implicit Runge–Kutta methods. Our experiments show nominal order of convergence in test cases where Rosenbrock methods suffer from order reduction.