Magnetic tricritical behavior of ethylammonium tetrachlorocuprate

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American Institute of Physics

In order to investigate the prediction by Tuthill that a tricritical point may exist in the phase diagram of spin_flop antiferromagnets with intermediate anisotropy, an experimental reexamination of the phase diagram of the quasi_two_dimensional system (C2H5NH3)2CuCl4 was performed. Measurements were made of the differential magnetic susceptibility,d M/d H, vs dc field and temperature in the (10 K, 100 Oe) region of the proposed tricritical point. A low amplitude, low frequency, ac biphase SQUID susceptometer was used. The sample was a single crystal with field along the antiferromagnetic easy (orthorhombic a_axis) direction. The data show some evidence of the existence of at least one tricritical point, but the results are not definitive.

Antiferromagnetism, Phase diagrams, Alternating current power transmission, Magnetic anisotropy, Magnetic susceptibilities
Long, J. R., Haines, D. N., Drumheller, J. E. (1988). Magnetic tricritical behavior of ethylammonium tetrachlorocuprate. Journal of Applied Physics, 63(8), 3031-3033. doi: 10.1063/1.340883