BoeingLearning: An instance of the Open edX platform with custom features curated for Boeing

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Open edX is an online learning platform that provides tools to host online pre-recorded course content that can be accessed by students globally. From our research we found some features that are unavailable on the platform and hence have developed two of such features in our product for the Boeing organization. Our first feature is a resume-based course recommendation system. It can realize following functions: Web interface takes resume as input in .docx format; Resume is parsed to extract valuable pieces of information; Extracted text is sent to classifier model that categorizes text into a category; Recommendation system displays top courses from the corresponding category. Our second feature is the user friendly chatbot application that provides helpful answers to users regarding course content. It has following functions: Chatbot uses OpenAI’s ChatGPT api to generate useful and helpful responses; Users can ask the application questions about courses and other relevant topics; The application is designed with the goal of easing the human-computer interactions that happen on online learning platforms.