A multi-loop guidance scheme using singular perturbation and linear quadratic regulator techniques simultaneously

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Virginia Tech

A design method for a multi-loop mixed discrete/continuous trajectory following pitch control algorithm for a generic aerospace vehicle is presented. This design methodology is facilitated by a time scale separation observed in the dynamical system. Two variations of this algorithm are considered, with features and drawbacks of both evaluated. The algorithm is then tested by simulations with two vehicles flying arbitrary trajectories. Results are presented for a thrust-vector controlled high-performance missile without atmospheric effects, and for a single-stage-to-orbit hypersonic vehicle with both elevator and thrust-vector control. It is shown that the control algorithm results in a pitch loop feedback controller that is robust and very stable, and is at least near optimal for the class of trajectories considered. No claims of optimality are made for the outer loop, but it is shown in the simulations that the outer loop tracker can do a reasonable job of following the prescribed nominal trajectory.