Determining Staff Development Needs to Achieve Computer Technology Competence by Instructional Personnel in Gloucester County Public Schools

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Virginia Tech

The Virginia Board of Education is considering the adoption of technology standards for instructional personnel in Virginia's schools. All pre-service instructional personnel will have to demonstrate proficiency prior to obtaining a Virginia teaching certificate. Those currently in service may also have to demonstrate proficiency, as defined by the local school division.This study was designed to be a prototypic model for implementing the standards in Gloucester County Schools. Three hundred-ninety (390) instructional personnel were surveyed, according to selected strata, regarding their current level of competence. The discrepancy between the current level of proficiency and the level required by the standard defined the need for staff development. Differences among strata were provided for in planning for staff development activities.Staff Development activities were planned for all identified needs and implemented for a pilot group. The training sessions focused on raising the level of proficiency to that required to satisfy the standards. Participants in the pilot group were re-surveyed to verify the plan. An assessment procedure for measuring and reporting mastery on the standards was proposed by the pilot group. The process outlined in this study will be condensed into a brochure that will be provided to the Virginia Department of Education for possible distribution to other school divisions.

Teacher, Competency, Computer, Staff Development