Creating Guidelines for Integrating Technology in English Foreign Language Classrooms in Saudi Arabia

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Virginia Tech

The Saudi Arabia Ministry of Education (MoE) has implemented new policies and reform programs for English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers to integrate technology in their classrooms. Creating a set of guidelines may provide a solution to guide EFL teachers through implementing technology to teach EFL skills in their classroom. Using a developmental study, comprised of three phases (analysis, design and development, and evaluation and revision), research-based instructional strategies were operationalized using a set of guidelines instruction to guide EFL teachers to integrate technology in their EFL classroom. Using a comprehensive literature review and evaluation by expert reviewers and users, guidelines were designed and evaluated to provide EFL teachers with instructional strategies and supporting technology solutions to implement in their EFL classrooms. This study describes the development process of the guidelines, the expert review and users, and the validation and usability of the final product in the Saudi context.

EFL instructions, design and development research, technology integration in EFL, Saudi EFL teachers, development research