Adaptive bus voltage positioning for two-stage voltage regulators


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Alteration of voltage input to a voltage regulator output stage from a Vbus regulator stage in a two-stage voltage regulator provides optimal Vbus voltage placement for a wide range of current loads to increase voltage regulator efficiency and is particularly suited to CPUs having power-saving sleep modes of operation. An optimal voltage is selected or developed in response to information concerning operational mode or current consumption of the powered device. As a perfecting feature of one embodiment of the invention in which a discrete Vbus voltage is selected based on operational mode, the selected voltage is adjusted to further optimize the matching of the Vbus voltage placement to the load and provides a continuous range of voltages. In a second embodiment the entire Vbus positioning function is performed in response to current load information. A feed-forward arrangement is provided to avoid transient spikes as the Vbus voltage placement is altered.