A productivity measurement system for manufacturing plants

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


A productivity monitoring system is developed to incorporate productivity measurement at various organizational levels within manufacturing plants into the general information system. Classical productivity measures, defined as ratios of inputs and outputs of production, are used in the developed system. In addition to measuring the total and partial productivity, the system compiles the total factor productivity which is often applied in manufacturing to represent operational efficiency.

In the developed system, reporting of productivity information is based on the organizational structure such that productivity measures are provided only when the corresponding organizational (work) units exist. Thus, the productivity monitoring system provides not only the responsibility-based productivity information, but is flexible in the aggregation of productivity performances of organizational units.

The system is executed on the MARK IV File Management System (Informatics Inc.), and a real-world case is studied. Since the data required in the productivity monitoring system are commonly available and shared by other manufacturing subsystems, the system can be implemented as a subsystem of the general information system.