The Impact of Transformational Leadership Behaviors on Follower Goal Commitment

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Virginia Tech

This study examines the transformational behaviors of leaders and the goal commitment of followers. Other constructs of interest are self-efficacy, goal congruence, and power. The central research questions include: 1) What are the effects of transformational leadership behaviors on the commitment of followers to goals?; 2) Do the transformational behaviors of leaders influence the perceptions of followers regarding goal congruence?; 3) Do the transformational behaviors of leaders impact goal commitment of followers through influencing follower self-efficacy?; and 4) What bases of power do leaders possess and draw upon to exert social influence to obtain follower goal commitment? The sites for this study are two types of nonprofit organizations. Local church congregations comprise one and the other is a group of community based hospice organizations. One of the more interesting results found is that two different patterns of relationships exist between the leadership and goal commitment variables for these two sites.

Commitment, Power, Goal, Leadership