Interviews with students of Virginia Tech in China 2012


These are three MP3 audio files of an interview with Virginia Tech students recorded in the studios of News Radio, Anhui Radio & TV Station in Hefei, Anhui Province, China. The students describe their experiences in and impressions of China while on a 6 week VT Summer II Course. Both English and Chinese is spoken.


[From an email description:] About VOICE OF ANHUI, CHINA -- Anhui News Radio's 30-minute "Voice of Anhui, China" has been broadcast in Maryland and Washington D. C. on a weekly basis since July, 2006. This program aims at promoting China's Anhui Province to the American public and is the only English radio show that has ever been broadcast in the U.S. to promote a Chinese province so far.


Virginia Tech, University of Science and Technology of China, Education abroad, Chinese language and culture, Internships


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