A Conceptual Model Incorporating Mindfulness to Enhance Reflection in a Situated Learning Environment

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Virginia Tech

Key to designing instruction for situated learning is ensuring the ability of learners to transfer acquired knowledge to a variety of situations. Common to models of instruction and frameworks for situated learning is the importance of including activities for promoting reflection within the design of the learning environment. However, these models currently do not include detailed support for reflective practice that will help instructional designers prepare learners to meet the demands of situated learning. One method to meet the demand of the ill-structured nature of situated learning and provide adaptability for instructional design is through reflection-in-action and mindfulness. The purpose of this study was to apply design and development research methodologies to develop a conceptual model of reflection that incorporates mindfulness to enhance reflection-in-action within a situated learning environment. This model illustrates the relationship of incorporating mindfulness to help learners increase and direct attention to the present moment in order to improve performance through reflection-in-action. Based on the results of the study, mindfulness and reflection strategies are incorporated before, during, and after the learning experience to enhance reflection-in-action.

situated learning, reflection, mindfulness, reflection-in-action