Effets de pratiques de gestion de la fertilité sur le sol et sur le rendement du mil en zone semi-aride en 5ème región au Mali

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Republique du Mali: Université de Bamako, Faculté des Sciences et Techniques

Millet is one of the main agricultural crops of the Region of Mopti, Mali. Rainfall and poor soil fertility are the main factors impacting millet yields. The present study is a contribution to the restoration of soil fertility and increasing millet yields in the region. Two types of activities were carried out: one a survey and the second an introduction of technical itineraries for soil fertilization in a rural environment. The different results of the tests of soil fertility management technical routes in farms showed that a system of mixed production, associating agriculture and animal husbandry and using Natural Phosphates can constitute a sustainable alternative to the continuous cultivation of cereals leading to a loss of soils fertility.

Food consumption, Soil management, Soil conservation, Arid zones, Soil fertility, Manure, Sustainable agriculture, Soil organic matter, Fertilization, Mali, Mopti, Sols fertilité, Soil fertility, Mil, Millet yields, Nutritifs, Farm/Enterprise Scale
D.E.R. de Biologie. Bamako, Mali: Université de Bamako