Population difference of two_level atomic system due to a running pulsed field

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American Institute of Physics


The method of multiple scales is used to derive an expression for the population difference in an absorbing atomic system due to a running pulsed field. The main contribution to this expression comes from a quasi_steady_state part which has the same functional form as the hole produced by a continuous running field, except that the saturation parameter contains the time dependence of the field. The expression includes also an oscillatory term and a quasisteady term, which decay with a rate that is equal to the inverse of the lifetime of the levels.



Atomic systems, Pulsed fields


Nayfeh, M. H., Nayfeh, A. H. (1975). POPULATION DIFFERENCE OF 2-LEVEL ATOMIC SYSTEM DUE TO A RUNNING PULSED FIELD. Journal of Applied Physics, 46(11), 4862-4864. doi: 10.1063/1.321520