Transfer Learning for Radio Frequency Machine Learning: A Taxonomy and Survey

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Transfer learning is a pervasive technology in computer vision and natural language processing fields, yielding exponential performance improvements by leveraging prior knowledge gained from data with different distributions. However, while recent works seek to mature machine learning and deep learning techniques in applications related to wireless communications, a field loosely termed radio frequency machine learning, few have demonstrated the use of transfer learning techniques for yielding performance gains, improved generalization, or to address concerns of training data costs. With modifications to existing transfer learning taxonomies constructed to support transfer learning in other modalities, this paper presents a tailored taxonomy for radio frequency applications, yielding a consistent framework that can be used to compare and contrast existing and future works. This work offers such a taxonomy, discusses the small body of existing works in transfer learning for radio frequency machine learning, and outlines directions where future research is needed to mature the field.

Wong, L.J.; Michaels, A.J. Transfer Learning for Radio Frequency Machine Learning: A Taxonomy and Survey. Sensors 2022, 22, 1416.