Corrosion Studies of Molten Chloride Salt: Electrochemical Measurements and Forced Flow Loop Tests

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Virginia Tech


This study encompasses various aspects of corrosion in chloride molten salt environments, employing electrochemical techniques and a forced convection loop. It explores corrosion thermodynamic properties, electrochemical corrosion kinetics, and flow-induced dynamic corrosion. The study developed a novel electrochemical method for measuring thermodynamic properties of corrosion products and develops a new analysis theory for potentiodynamic polarization data obtained from cathodic diffusion-controlled reactions. Additionally, the design and operation experience of a forced convection chloride molten salt loop is shared. Particularly, the study presents novel findings on the turbulent flow-induced corrosion phenomenon and mechanism of Fe-based alloys in Mg-based chloride molten salt. These outcomes provide valuable insights into the corrosion mechanisms and flow-induced corrosion of Fe-based alloys in chloride molten salt. The results and experiences shared in this paper have implications for the successful implementation of molten salt as an advanced heat transfer fluid and thermal energy storage material in high-temperature applications, benefiting the nuclear and concentrating solar communities.



Forced convection molten salt loop, Electrochemistry, Flow induced corrosion, Chloride molten salt, Thermal energy storage