Toward Efficient Online Scheduling for Distributed Machine Learning Systems


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Recent years have witnessed a rapid growth of distributed machine learning (ML) frameworks, which exploit the massive parallelism of computing clusters to expedite ML training. However, the proliferation of distributed ML frameworks also introduces many unique technical challenges in computing system design and optimization. In a networked computing cluster that supports a large number of training jobs, a key question is how to design efficient scheduling algorithms to allocate workers and parameter servers across different machines to minimize the overall training time. Toward this end, in this paper, we develop an online scheduling algorithm that jointly optimizes resource allocation and locality decisions. Our main contributions are three-fold: i) We develop a new analytical model that considers both resource allocation and locality; ii) Based on an equivalent reformulation and observations on the worker-parameter server locality configurations, we transform the problem into a mixed packing and covering integer program, which enables approximation algorithm design; iii) We propose a meticulously designed approximation algorithm based on randomized rounding and rigorously analyze its performance. Collectively, our results contribute to the state of the art of distributed ML system optimization and algorithm design.



Servers, Training, Optimization, Scheduling algorithms, Resource management, Approximation algorithms, Heuristic algorithms, Online resource scheduling, distributed machine learning, approximation algorithm