An innovative methodology for the assessment and maintenance of e-learning courses using the Community of Inquiry model

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As part of the creation of the series of online, asynchronous learning courses developed for the community of underground ventilation practitioners (Aeolus Modules), the authors have developed an innovative plan for the assessment and maintenance of these courses by leveraging the skills and experience of the existing and active membership of the Underground Ventilation Committee and applying them to the Community of Inquiry model. This process involves the triggering events of the module users (students) to identify weaknesses and deficiencies within the course(s) material, and to guide the development of additional content, while expert users and course developers use the learners’ inputs to make necessary revisions and create new and expanded content in the most efficient manner. By working together, and communicating directly through a framework established explicitly for that purpose (i.e., listserves, chatrooms, direct messaging, etc.) the process of content revision and creation can be optimized by letting the end user directly communicate their needs to the developers and become active participants not only in the consumption, but in the creation of their own educational resource(s).