illuminate - Where Mentors, Skills, and Success Converge - Capstone Project - Fall 2023


Illuminate, the future of e-learning in software engineering. In today’s rapidly evolving tech world, software engineers often face challenges in skill development, mentorship, and practical application. That's where Illuminate steps in. Imagine a platform where you can access cutting-edge courses tailored to your career goals and receive one-on-one mentorship from industry experts. Illuminate offers a unique blend of personalized learning paths, collaborative project opportunities, and continuous professional guidance. Whether you're starting out or looking to advance in your career, our platform caters to every step of your journey, transforming how you learn, grow, and succeed in the tech industry. Join Illuminate and bring your career under the spotlight.

Illuminate has two major users, students and mentors. We decided to create two different interface, representing each user as their requirements and goals from the website are unique. The image below shows the information architecture of Illuminate that helps understand the functionalities and the navigation of the website. The red flow represents all the functionalities used by students and the green flow represents the same for the mentors. Before jumping into individual flows, we will be listing the functionalities for our product so it becomes easier to follow the flows. Functionalities ● Personalized learning paths generated as per users need enlisting free courses ● Potential Project topics and problem statements to work on ● Collaboration with skilled professionals ● Helps build your profile for your industry ● Mentor guidance and support throughout your journey and beyond.