From OER to Open Press and Open Impact: Taking open education initiatives to the next level


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When educational institutions invest in open education, their initiatives begin in “start-up” mode grappling with awareness-building, tools, and finding early adopters willing to jump in and get things moving. As projects gain momentum, they evolve as they work to operationalize, scale, and demonstrate the impacts of open education in ways that align with institutional strategic priorities. Join this session for a thoughtful discussion with campus champions who have directed open education initiatives through stages of maturity including the “Open Press” model, a central hub for creating, managing, and sharing open learning materials and scholarship. How has the Open Press model helped them move open education to the next level? How do they define and demonstrate impact in step with broader institutional priorities? What guidance can they offer colleagues seeking to build sustainable, impactful open education projects?



open educational resources (OER), publishing, maturity model