Healthy5 : A Pseudo-social Media, Calorie and Fitness Tracking Application


Healthy5 is primarily a calorie and fitness tracking application geared towards the betterment of the individual as well as the community. Specifically, we plan to address the problem of obesity through our “individual” features and the problem of loneliness through our “community” features. As part of the individual features, users can provide information about their calorie intake, calories burnt while exercising and also their current height & weight which in-turn can be used to calculate BMI. Likewise, as part of the community features, users can follow their friends on the platform to track each other's progress, offer words of encouragement and create motivational posts. Furthermore, taking inspiration from the gaming industry, we created it as a “Reward / Upvote System” to make the overall user experience fun and rewarding. In this era of digitalization, we prioritized user’s privacy by divulging only the information for which the user consented to. All in all, Healthy5 will not only track calories and body weight, but also be a source of encouragement to begin and continue living healthily. The users of our platform will hopefully see themselves progressing toward their goals, leading a healthier and happier lifestyle, having each day being less stressful, and having a prolonged life expectancy.



calorie tracking, fitness tracking, BMI, body weight tracking, social media, lifestyle, motivation, reward system, Vue.js, AWS