How The Ways College Authorities Talk About Diversity Can Undercut Efforts To Fight Racial Inequality

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Although the benefits of a diverse learning environment are clear, affirmative action overall was originally intended to further multiple goals: to promote greater access for African Americans into elite, predominantly white colleges; to make up for the historical effects of racial segregation; and (on many campuses) to counter previous policies of outright racial exclusion. Today’s students, however, hear little about these broad goals. Instead, students hear from colleges that affirmative action will benefit them. Most students have internalized this message, which has troubling implications for how America’s college students think about race and meritocracy In this context, the author draws some insights and analysis around the question how the ways college authorities talk about diversity can undercut efforts to fight racial inequality?



affirmative action programs, minority groups, Latin American students, Hispanic students, African American students, social inequality