Experience-based Travel: How Technology Is Changing the Hospitality Industry [Summary]

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Virginia Tech


A key theme is that the future's effective hospitality service will be the one that can use technology to meet the needs of the customer on the terms of the company. This means providing diverse details about the travel needs of the client, and being willing to do so instantly — whenever the guest decides to make the request. Although hospitality companies cannot rely on blind loyalty, they will be able to use technologies to know enough about their clients and satisfy their evolving needs and desires on an ongoing basis. Because consumers will be able to find almost any kind of information via the internet, intermediaries will need to create forms of packaging information in order to make it more useful for clients. Likewise, destination-based businesses will need to build a portfolio of future experiences and adapt them to the experiences a customer wants. All this will take not only technologies but also superbly qualified staff who know how to use the technology to add value to the travel experience of the passenger.