Nutrient cycling and uptake in conservation agriculture production systems in the Andean region


Our project conducted multi-year cropping system experiments in two sub-watersheds in Ecuador: a pasture-potato system in the Illangama (3400 m), and a beans-maize system in the Alumbre (2000 m). All experiments included treatments involving tillage, crop residue management and fertilizer inputs. Here we report on yields, nutrient removal and uptake in these CAPS experiments.



Conservation agriculture, Soil nutrients, Green manure crops, Soil management, Soil conservation, Soil fertility, Small-scale farming, Soil, Sustainable agriculture, Conservation tillage, Soil organic matter, Fertilization, Conservation agriculture, Andes, SANREM, Nutrient uptake, Farm/Enterprise Scale


Presented at the SANREM Innovation La Annual Meeting, Arlington, VA, 19-21 May 2014