Conflict Resolution among Latino Couples

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Virginia Tech


Conflict resolution style was examined with 191 married Latino couples residing in Houston and Dallas, Texas, representing 21 different nationalities. The purpose of this research study was to examine conflict resolution styles most predominant among the Latino couples in the sample and to examine if various demographic data correlated with the couples conflict resolution style. The dependent variables were conflict resolution style (avoidance, volatile, and validator) using Gottman's MSI (Marital Conflict Scale, 1994). Using the same items on the MSI, and direct statements about Latino's communication from the Marriage and Family Therapy literature, other dependent variables were identified (unity, harmony, autonomy, conservatism and passion) with factor analysis and content analysis. The statistically significant independent variables were religion, language, education, and country of birth. The majority of this sample identified them selves as having a validating style of conflict resolution. Clinical implications for family therapists are discussed.



conflict resolution, marriage therapy, Latinos