High School Transition Practices for Ninth Graders: A Descriptive Study of Maryland Public High School

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Virginia Tech


Research shows that there exists a tremendous need for programs and practices that help rising ninth grade students successfully transition from middle to high school. Various studies depict these transition programs which are related to demographics such as race/ethnicity and socioeconomic status, programs that center on rural, urban and suburban education as well as programs that are related to school size. This dissertation is a descriptive analysis of the transition practices for ninth grade students found in Maryland's public high schools. Using quantitative methodology with an emphasis on survey design, the study describes the relationship between the practices and the aforementioned factors that influence those practices. Secondary to the description is a determination by school staff regarding the effectiveness of these practices.

Results from this study support the theory that transition practices are needed to address the many issues facing ninth grade students. The success of ninth grade students is dependent upon the use of these practices by high schools. This goal assists students to make a successful transition to high school leading to a successful educational experience.



ninth grade, transition, high school, Maryland