A Framework for Providing Redundancy and Robustness in Key Management for IPsec Security Associations in a Mobile Ad-Hoc Environment

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Virginia Tech


This research investigated key management in a Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) environment. At the time this research began key management schemes provided limited functionality and low service availability in a highly partitioned ad hoc environment. The purpose of this research was to develop a framework that provides redundancy and robustness for Security Association (SA) establishment between pairs of nodes.

The key contribution of this research is the Key Management System (KMS) framework and, more specifically, the unique way the various components are integrated to provide the various functionalities. The KMS overcomes the limitations of previous systems by (1) minimizing pre-configuration, (2) increasing service availability, (3) and increasing flexibility for new nodes joining the network. A behavior grading scheme provides the network with a system-wide view of the trustworthiness of nodes and enables the KMS to dynamically adjust its configuration according to its environment. The introduction of behavior grading allows nodes to be less dependent on strict identity verification. This KMS was simulated with Monte Carlo and NS2 simulations and was shown to interoperate with IP Security (IPsec) to enable the establishment of IPsec SAs. The simulations have proven the effectiveness of the system in providing service to the nodes in a highly partitioned environment.



MANET, Key Management, IP Security, Performance