Current sensing and current sharing


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An interleaved small-inductance buck voltage regulator (VRM) converter with the novel current sensing and sharing technology significantly improves transient response with size minimization. Specifically, two or more buck VRM modules are interleaved or connected in parallel. The resultant current waveform has a fast transient response but with reduced ripples since the ripples in the individual modules mathematically cancel one another. The result is a smooth output current waveform having spikes within an acceptable tolerance limits when for example the load increases due to a connected processor changing from “sleep” to “active” mode. A novel current sensing and sharing scheme between the individual VRMs is implemented using an RC network in each module to detect inductor current for that module. Good current sharing result can be easily achieved. Unlike peak current mode control and average current mode control, with this technology, the converter still has low output impedance and fast transient response. As a result, the VRM can be very cost-effective, high power density, high efficiency and have good transient performance.