2023 Social Media Program Promotion on Facebook - Highland

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Facebook is a fast and free way to promote area and regional Extension programming. From agriculture info graphics to photos of youth attending 4-H Camp during camp week, the unit VCE Highland page helps share information quickly and at no cost. The Highland VCE page has 139 followers, 76% of which are female. Main audience reach are adults age 25-65, with 30% falling between 35 and 44. Average post reach is 350 viewers with overall reach range from 30 to 1300 viewers, depending on content and stakeholder interest. The most popular post of 2023 was an info graphic sharing the names of 2023 4-H/FFA Livestock Exhibitor Record book winners - it had 73 intentional clicks and four shares, reaching 1388 indirect viewers. Following closely behind with 1198 views was a post about the December Beef Producer Update held at Monterey Stockyard - it had 160 clicks and two shares. Each year, since 2021, the unit pages of VCE Highland has reached a few more people. With a county population hovering at 2000, we can reach a wider range of viewers to appreciate the programming efforts made by the office through sharing on social media.



Extension, Facebook, social media, 4-H, Livestock, Agriculture, Agriculture Profitability and Sustainability, Community Viability, Food, Nutrition, and Health, Strengthening Virginia Families, Youth Development