Stressors, resources, and parent-child relationships of reentry students in a metropolitan area

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Virginia Tech


The purpose of this study was to explore reentry students' perceived relationships with school-age children during the initial semester of return to undergraduate school. Change in student stressors, resources, and parent-child relationships were explored and demographic characteristics were described. In addition, predictors of parent child relationship (PCR) were investigated. A sample of 111 students beginning degree programs at one of four metropolitan Washington, DC colleges in September 1992 completed a mail survey before the semester began (T-1). Approximately 10 weeks later (T-2), 86 of these completed a follow-up questionnaire. Student resources were measured by the Rosenberg Self-esteem Inventory, a spouse support measure, and a social support measure. Stressors were measured by the Family Inventory of Life Events and Changes (FILE). PCR was measured by the Parent-Adolescent Communication Scale, Index of Parental Attitudes, and Family Satisfaction Scale.