4/16 Exhibit 2018

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Virginia Tech


This exhibit honors those lost in the April 16 tragedy and recognizes the support of the community. It features photos taken by members of the community in the weeks following April 16, 2007. Out of hundreds of submissions, 41 images by more than 25 photographers were selected by Mary Tartaro, then director of the Perspective Gallery in Squires Student Center. Captions from the photographers, expressing their emotions at the time they took them, are included with the photos. Images include shots of rescue vehicles and satellite trucks, memorials set up on the Drillfield and around town, and students signing banners and white boards on the Drillfield. The convocation, candlelight vigil, and dedication of the Memorial are also represented. The photos show how the community moved forward together with shots of the Concert for Virginia Tech, “VT Thanks You” spelled out on the Drillfield, and the vigil held in support of Northern Illinois University. The exhibit is a collaboration of the University Libraries and Student Engagement and Campus Life.



History, Virginia Tech, April 16