Packing Characteristics of Aggregate with Consideration of Particle size and Morphology

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The packing characteristics of aggregates are very important for aggregate blend design, which is closely related to the performance of mixtures. In this study, an indoor packing experiment was designed to investigate the behaviors of single-size particle packing and two-size particle packing. The effects of particle composition, particle size and size ratio, particle morphology on packing characteristics were also evaluated. Two kinds of aggregates (crushed stone and gravel) with significant morphological differences were selected for the test. The angularity of the aggregates was quantitatively analyzed using the variance of mean curvature ( S C m 2 ) of particle surface in accordance with the 3-D scanning measurements. Based on the test results, the packing characteristics of aggregates were analyzed using the air void content (Va) and the packing function index (Ipf) proposed in this paper. It is shown that the analysis results of packed ideal spheres cannot be directly used to describe the packing characteristics of aggregates. Particle morphology has a significant impact on packing characteristics, especially on the Va. The Va of packed aggregates with poor angularity is significantly smaller than that with good angularity. Ipf can be used to quantitatively distinguish the packing function of particles. The test results show that the packing function of particles cannot be simply divided into the skeleton building and air voids filling. Generally, the particles in packed blend have both of these functions. The packing function of particles depends not only on the particle size, but also on the composition of particles with different size. When the size ratio and volume ratio are the same, the packing characteristics of the two-size particle blends will still change with the change of the particle size. The exploration of packing behaviors of single- size and two- size particle aggregates is helpful for analyzing the packing behaviors of blends with multi-size particles.



packing characteristics, aggregate, particle size, morphology, mixture design


Miao, Y.; Liu, X.; Hou, Y.; Li, J.; Wu, J.; Wang, L. Packing Characteristics of Aggregate with Consideration of Particle size and Morphology. Appl. Sci. 2019, 9, 869.