Black + Brown: Institutions of Higher Education

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Excelencia in Education
United Negro College Fund


Seeing the critical national importance of examining the profile of Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs) alongside historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs), Excelencia in Education, in partnership with the United Negro College Fund - Frederick D. Patterson Research Institute, released new analysis to bring intentional focus to strengthening minority student success. While HBCUs and HSIs only represent twenty percent of all institutions in the nation, these institutions educate nearly half of all black and Latino students, many of whom are low-income and first-generation college attendees. Given the population growth of these students overall, both HSIs and HBCUs are in a distinct position to help move the country’s college completion agenda forward. Therefore, showing the commonalities between these two groups of institutions can be beneficial in raising policy awareness about Latino and black students and the institutions serving them.



Black students, Latin American students, low-income students, Historically Black Colleges and Universities, student financial aid|Hispanic-Serving Institutions, college completion