A Learning Control, Intervention Strategy for Location-Aware Adaptive Vehicle Dynamics Systems


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Virginia Tech


The focus of Location-Aware Adaptive Vehicle Dynamics System (LAAVDS) research is to develop a system to avoid situations in which the vehicle exceeds its handling capabilities. The proposed method is predictive, estimating the ability of the vehicle to successfully navigate upcoming terrain, and it is assumed that the future vehicle states and local driving environment is known. An Intervention Strategy must be developed such that the vehicle is navigated successfully along a road via modest changes to the driver's commands and do so in a manner that is in harmony with the driver's intentions and not in a distracting or irritating manner. Clearly this research relies on the numerous new technologies being developed to capture and convey information about the local driving environment (e.g., bank angle, elevation changes, curvature, and friction coefficient) to the vehicle and driver.



Predictive Control, Vehicle Stability Control, Constrained Optimization, Learning Control