Health Equity Education, Awareness, and Advocacy through the Virginia Department of Health Health Equity Campaign

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Virginia Tech

This study showed that health equity must be achieved through education, awareness, and advocacy. A structured program must be put in place to provide accountability towards achieving health equity within organizations, communities, cites, and states. In Virginia, the Health Equity Campaign was a program put in place to provide such accountability to the citizens of Virginia. This study attempted to evaluate the Health Equity Campaign implemented by the Virginia Department of Health Office of Minority Health and Public Health Policy Division of Health Equity in order to get all Virginians to become advocates for health equity in their organizations, communities, neighborhoods. Organizational/group leaders were interviewed in addition to surveying various staff members. This study provides a detailed description of the strength of the Health Equity Campaign's ability to promote education and awareness about health equity and why many participants found it difficult to transition from motivation to advocacy.

Health Equity, Social Determinants of Health, Virginia Department of Health, "Unnatural Causes...Is Inequality Making Us Sick?, Advocacy