Rare Occurrence of Extradigital Glomangioma in the Prepatellar Bursa of a 40-Year-Old: A Case Study


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Indian Orthopaedic Research Group


INTRODUCTION: A solitary subcutaneous mass can be a common clinical finding for patients symptomatic for knee pain, especially when direct pressure by kneeling on the anterior aspect of the knee causes pain. CASE REPORT: We present a 40-year-old who noticed a small fluid filled mass that has become progressively larger and more painful over the past 7 years. The patient's primary complaint was sharp pain with direct contact. Ultimately, a surgical excision was performed to remove the mass. The histopathological report came back as a glomangioma, a subtype of a glomus tumor. To the best of our knowledge, this is the youngest reported case of a glomangioma of the knee. CONCLUSION: Glomus tumors found on the digital and subungual regions of patients are a common clinical finding. An extradigital occurrence of a glomangioma, a subtype of a glomus tumor, is rarely found, especially in younger patients. Therefore, a histopathological examination must be done after the removal of any subcutaneous mass.



Glomus tumor, case study, glomangioma, knee pain, subcutaneous mass