Tourism after Corona: Impacts of COVID 19 Pandemic and Way Forward For Tourism, Hotel and Mice Industry in Sri Lanka [Summary]


Presently, this unprecedented public health crisis has become a catastrophic economic crisis to the entire globe and consequently the tourism hotel and event sector. The recovery has to be gradual parallel to the recovery of other sectors, combatting the outbreak and regaining economic performances. Thus the measures proposed are to be implemented incrementally in response to the evolving conditions. Therefore, ensuring the safety of the guests and the staff have become a top concern of the hospitality industry stakeholders. At the same time, to recover business losses and to rebuild the positive image in the mind-set of the guests it is essential to initiate strong marketing and promotional campaigns both locally and internationally. Further, promoting flexi-services would be another strategic tool to attract potential customers. Hence, offering flexible prices, cancellation policies, flexi-work environment etc; would be beneficial in achieving long term sustainability of the hospitality business industry. One of the first to feel its impact and one of the hardest hit has been the MICE industry. Since the onset of the epidemic, hundreds of events have been cancelled all over the world. And also, this will directly impact to the Sri Lankan MICE industry and development of the country. Further, it is vital and will play a pivotal role in the world‘s economic recovery from Covid-19. Therefore, virtual and hybrid events emerge as two additional options to consider in the face of disruption and we can get the number of benefits as increased the financial benefits, increased attendance, measurability and ease of transition.

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