A Revised Measure of Ely's Conditions of Change: Initial Psychometric Properties of the Implementation Profile Inventory II

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Virginia Tech


This study provided reliability and validity evidence to substantiate the Implementation Profile Inventory II's (IPI-II) use as a measure of a user's perceptions of Ely's (1990a) eight conditions of change. To establish the psychometric properties of the IPI-II, three alternative factor structure models for Ely's conditions were compared. A confirmatory approach was used for the analysis of the evidence. A four-factor structure hypothesized by Ensminger et al (2004) appears to fit reasonably well; however, this study provided stronger evidence for a fifth underlying construct as a better model for the IPI-II's structure in a sample of 252 university faculty and staff. Perceptions of conditions that influence implementation of innovations are important measures of success and can serve as a planning guide for the instructional designer (Ely, 1990a, 1990b, 1999a, 1999b; Ensminger and Surry, 2002; Ensminger, 2005). The IPI-II is a revised scale (Ensminger and Surry, n.d.) designed to measure a user's perceptions of the importance of Ely's eight conditions of change. Psychometric information was obtained and reported on the measure's dimensionality, reliability, and validity. Recommendations are offered to facilitate the revision of questionnaire items to achieve a stable, well-defined solution for the factor structure (dimensionality) of the IPI-II. This study represented the first psychometric evaluation of the IPI-II and the first confirmatory study in the development cycle of the Implementation Profile Inventory.



psychometric properties, Ely's conditions of change, implementation, innovations, instructional design