Major contributor to AGN feedback: VLT X-shooter observations of S iv BALQSO outflows


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We present the most energetic BALQSO outflow measured to date, with a kinetic luminosity of at least 1046 erg s(-1), which is 5% of the bolometric luminosity of this high Eddington ratio quasar. The associated mass-flow rate is 400 solar masses per year. Such kinetic luminosity and mass-flow rate should provide strong active galactic nucleus feedback effects. The outflow is located at about 300 pc from the quasar and has a velocity of roughly 8000 km s-1. Our distance and energetic measurements are based in large part on the identification and measurement of S iv and S IV* broad absorption lines (BALs). The use of this high-ionization species allows us to generalize the result to the majority of high-ionization BALQSOs that are identified by their C iv absorption. We also report the energetics of two other outflows seen in another object using the same technique. The distances of all three outflows from the central source (100-2000 pc) suggest that we observe BAL troughs much farther away from the central source than the assumed acceleration region of these outflows (0.01-0.1 pc).



galaxies: individual (sdss j1106+1939, sdss j152+1119), quasars:, absorption lines, quasars: general, broad-absorption-line, space-telescope observations, active galactic, nuclei, quasi-stellar objects, central black-holes, intrinsic, absorption, qso 2359-1241, ultraviolet-absorption, chemical abundances, mechanical feedback


Benoit C. J. Borguet et al. 2013. "Major contributor to AGN feedback: VLT X-shooter observations of S iv BALQSO outflows," ApJ 762 49 doi:10.1088/0004-637X/762/1/49