New Way of Generating Electromagnetic Waves


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This paper presents a new method for generating low-frequency electromagnetic waves for navigation and communication in challenging environments, such as underwater and underground. The main idea is to store magnetic energy in two different spaces using the interaction between a permanent magnet and a magnetic material. The magnetic reluctance of the medium around the permanent magnet is modulated to change the magnetic flux path. The nonlinear properties of magnetic material as a critical phenomenon are used for effective modulation. As a result, a time-variant field is generated by the modulation of the permanent magnet flux. This non-resonant time-variant characterization means that the transmitter is not bound to the fundamental limits of the antennas and can transmit higher data rates. A prototype transmitter as a prove-of-concept is designed and tested based on the proposed idea. Compared to the rotating magnet, the prototyped transmitter can modulate 50% of the stored energy of the permanent magnet with much lower power consumption.