Development and calibration of NuLat, A new type of neutrino detector

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Virginia Tech


Over the past 20 years, the detection of neutrino oscillation has reported a lot of important results. The oscillation phenomenon itself has been well proved by various experiments. Some oscillation parameters has been measured and now in the area of precise determination. On the other hand, some new questions like the possibility of the existence of light sterile neutrinos and unexpected 5 MeV bump were raised during the measurement. The Neutrino Lattice Experiment (NuLat) is a detector based on the Raghavan Optical Lattice (ROL). It should be able to offer a compact design of an effective detector with good mobility. It can be extremely useful in the short baseline reactor neutrino oscillation detection community to resolve several confusing issues. In this thesis, we present the calibration results we got from the first active NuLat detector and show what kind of improvements we need for the next version of the NuLat detector based on these results.



Neutrino oscillation, Raghavan Optical Lattice, Li loaded plastic scintillator, Sterile Neutrino