Strategic planning utilized in Atlantic Coast Conference intercollegiate athletics

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Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University


The purpose of this study was to determine if strategic planning was being employed by the intercollegiate athletic programs of the Atlantic Coast Conference. This research study was designed to examine the marketing procedures utilized by the athletic administrators of the Atlantic Coast Conference that would be beneficial in conducting a strategic plan for their organization.

The population for the study consisted of the eight member institutions of the Atlantic Coast Conference. All eight of the intercollegiate athletic organizations participated in the study. The study consisted of two parts: (1) a written survey and (2) personal interviews with the administrators of five of the member institutions.

Each of the following areas were examined: (1) formal plans, (2) macroenvironmental factors, (3) target markets, (4) pricing techniques, and (5) management information systems. These areas were selected after the review of the literature revealed that these areas were necessary components in the development of a strategic plan. Data were analysed using STAT PAC by Walconik Inc. and reported through the use of descriptive statistics consisting of frequencies and percentages. Data were also compiled from the interviews and reported in tabular and descriptive formats.

Findings of the study revealed that the administrators of the Atlantic Coast Conference had the necessary tools to develop strategic plans but were not committed to developing any long range plans. Marketing tactics necessary for strategic planning are not perfected in the intercollegiate athletic programs of the Atlantic Coast Conference. The administrators had not acquired the necessary information to develop strategic plans for their organizations.



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