Analysis and Reduction of Moire Patterns in Scanned Halftone Pictures

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Virginia Tech

In this dissertation we provide a comprehensive theory for the formation of a moire pattern in a sampled halftone image. We explore techniques for restoring a sampled halftone image with a moire pattern and techniques for preventing a moire pattern when a halftone picture is scanned. Specifically, we study the frequency, phase, and spatial geometry of a moire pattern. We observe and explain the half period phase reversal phenomenon that a moire pattern may exhibit. As a case study, we examine the moire patterns generated by a commercial scanner. We propose three restoration methods, including a notch filtering method, a simulation method, and a relaxation method. We also describe a moire prevention method, the partial inverse Fourier transform method. Finally, we propose a research agenda for further investigation.

moire patterns, halftone, scanning, image processing, Fourier analysis