Analysis of continuous folded plate surface

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Virginia Tech


A general method of analysis is developed for the solution of single or continuous span folded plate surfaces, with general end conditions, for any load. By considering the folded plate surface as a single, longitudinal unit throughout the analysis, the continuity of the surface is maintained over transverse supports, Within the limitations of the assumptions, this method yields an "exact" solution of the structural action based upon a difference technique in which the surface is divided into : segments: combatibility of the surface is insured at the center of each finite segment along the span and over the supports.

A computer program for the analysis of simply supported, © single-span and continuous-span folded plate surfaces, with and without overhangs at each end, under three load conditions is described. A comparison is made between this general method of analysis and presently accepted techniques; and a final solution for a continuous folded plate surface is presented.

The results of an experimental investigation to study the behavior of four different folded plate structures and to verify the general method of analysis are discussed.