Simultaneous Generalized Hill Climbing Algorithms for Addressing Sets of Discrete Optimization Problems


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Virginia Tech


Generalized hill climbing (GHC) algorithms provide a framework for using local search algorithms to address intractable discrete optimization problems. Many well-known local search algorithms can be formulated as GHC algorithms, including simulated annealing, threshold accepting, Monte Carlo search, and pure local search (among others).

This dissertation develops a mathematical framework for simultaneously addressing a set of related discrete optimization problems using GHC algorithms. The resulting algorithms, termed simultaneous generalized hill climbing (SGHC) algorithms, can be applied to a wide variety of sets of related discrete optimization problems. The SGHC algorithm probabilistically moves between these discrete optimization problems according to a problem generation probability function. This dissertation establishes that the problem generation probability function is a stochastic process that satisfies the Markov property. Therefore, given a SGHC algorithm, movement between these discrete optimization problems can be modeled as a Markov chain. Sufficient conditions that guarantee that this Markov chain has a uniform stationary probability distribution are presented. Moreover, sufficient conditions are obtained that guarantee that a SGHC algorithm will visit the globally optimal solution over all the problems in a set of related discrete optimization problems.

Computational results are presented with SGHC algorithms for a set of traveling salesman problems. For comparison purposes, GHC algorithms are also applied individually to each traveling salesman problem. These computational results suggest that optimal/near optimal solutions can often be reached more quickly using a SGHC algorithm.



Traveling Salesman Problem, Ergodicity, Local Search, Markov Chains, Simulated Annealing, Generalized Hill Climbing Algorithms, Manufacturing Applications